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[Sticky] Guidelines & FAQ

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Welcome to The Swamp Files!

Who deserves a Swamp File?

The Swamp Files record and highlight credible events based on best evidence where people, groups or organizations have by action, or knowing inaction, failed in their responsibility to We the People.

What is included in a Swamp File?

Any action, or knowing and deliberate inaction, that is contrary to the spirit or word of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, or it's governing law.

Who are "Bog Dawgs?"

Bog Dawgs can be anyone (literally anyone) who tries to do what they can to help fight against corruption small or large. It's just a term. There's no joining. It's not a club. Bog Dawgs are any of the angry patriots roaming the outskirts of The Swamp ready to devour whatever monsters present, and we do it best as a pack. I'm not too embarrassed to admit I had a really cool acronym in mind when I started this project, but don't remember what it was. How does Disciples Against Wrongful Governance sound? (Comments welcome below.)

What is a "Caretaker?"

Caretakers are people who have accepted the responsibility for curating the Swamp Files. When our community shows in the forums that, based on the best evidence available, someone is guilty of failing in their responsibility to We the People, they update the Swamp File accordingly. Caretakers may choose to do so anonymously, in which case their surname will always be "Caretaker." They are chosen based on interest and reputation. 

How to propose a case for a Swamp File?

Start a new topic in this board that includes WHO you are accusing of WHAT and WHY. Your WHY must include some form credible evidence that suggests your WHO failed in WHAT responsibility to We the People. Take shitpost attacks to The Backyard. 

How should we behave on this site?

Have fun. Learn and educate. Just know walking in you may encounter the occasional shit-storm of differing political opinions, and if you want to argue politics, it's best done in private. The Anti-Corruption boards should remain on-topic, where everything else should find a home in the Community Lounge or nowhere at all on this site. 

Thank for making this community possible!


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