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POTUS Biden (or designee) unlisting Biden Inauguration video = propaganda

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  1. Joe Biden and/or Designee


  1. Propaganda

Attached images show the video is unlisted.

Most recent update of the video as of this listing: "2021-01-22 TSF Biden Inauguration" was captured at 1330hrs, shows 483,404 views, 4.3K LIKES, 40K DISLIKES, and comments were disabled.

No live chat during the live feed.

LINK (Intentionally Broken): https: //youtu .be/ LmIZmu7EY74

Notes: The most popularly elected president in the history of America denied live chat, turned off comments,  and unlisted the video. 


Open Queries:

  1. Was video unlisted due to downvotes? --> President Biden received +81M votes, which indicates he's the most popular president ever elected in the history of America. What conceivable reason could there be to unlist, effectively hiding, his inauguration video?
  2. Possible it was unlisted due to trolling? --> Not our place to explain why 40K people downvoted the video. But to date, only 10% of the views were downvotes. So it's hard to believe a troll army was involved. 
  3. Possible it was unlisted due to lack of upvotes? --> I think the ratio of upvotes and downvotes is telling. 
  4. Need to make apropopriate PR queries.
Biden Inauguration
2021 01 22 TSF Biden Inauguration


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