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Methods to Check Your Bias

B.A. Caretaker

There's not one case where I don't find myself playing Devil's Advocate. If I truly commit to the role, then I find a surprising new way of viewing just about every "fact" before me. Facts may be facts, but a person's bias makes assumptions that extend beyond the fact itself. It completely changes the context and, therefore, the entire story it supports. 

A person's bias can transform a patriotic rioter into a treasonous insurgent--and vice versa. I could name every fact that can possibly be known about the events of the previous sentence, and still it would be left to a person's bias to decide which "truth" to accept.

Bias can cause relevant facts to be disregarded, and without them denying the option of truth to others.

Our bias can insist insist we blame, cancel, or otherwise punish someone when it's completely unnecessary. It's too easy with the deindividualization of anonymous social media to inflict righteous pain and misery on total strangers, and even easier to lose our grip on how imperfect we are, ourselves.

How do you try to check your bias? What do you do to try and fend off that base human nature and keep an even keel?

Topic starter Posted : January 12, 2021 12:31 am
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