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[Sticky] Bunk Sources Repository

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Seen any propaganda today? Share with the class and comment below!

This is a collection of trash "news" sources that will not be used as factual sources within The Swamp Files. However, they may be used for cases involving propaganda. Note: There is a multitude of right and left wing bunk sources too great to quantify,  therefore cautious judgment must be used for any source. That this list is mostly left-wing is a biproduct of mainstream media outlets barrel-rolling hard left over the last decade. There just aren't many mainstream center or right leaning websites to begin with, and those mostly thrive on providing more balanced supporting of facts in news articles.

.:: This list is just getting started and is by no means comprehensive. ::.

Buzzfeed [All political content is hot garbage.]

CNN [All political content is hot garbage and artfully produced factually true complete lies.]

FoxNews [Most political content is a conservative-only perspective which may omit relevant facts or arguments.]

MSNBC [All political content is hot garbage.]

Vox [All political content is hot garbage.]